Machining & Casting Services

Specialists in the Art of Casting Aluminum and Babbitt Alloys

Centrifugal and Permanent Mold Capabilities

mating-partsWith decades of experience and strict adherence to ISO Certified casting practices, our cast products produce the highest quality babbitt-lined bearings and aluminum alloy bearings and labyrinth seals. Metallurgical bonds between bronze, steel and cast iron shells and babbitt linings that meet stringent ASTM standards are achieved by closely monitoring part preparation, cleaning, casting and solidification. Nondestructive Testing (NDT) and Ultrasonic Testing (UT) are done in-house.

Our foundry casts:

  • ASTM B23, Alloy 2 Tin-based babbitt (QQT390-Gr2, UNS L13890, SAE12)
  • ASTM B23, Alloy 3 Tin-based babbitt (QQT390-Gr3, UNS L13840)
  • ASTM B23, Alloy 11 Tin-based babbitt (UNS L13870, SAE11)
  • Aluminum A850.0-T5 (UNS A08500, QQ-A-596 750)
  • Aluminum A851.0-T5 (UNS A08510, QQ-A-596 A750)
  • Aluminum A852.0-T5 (UNS A08520, QQ-A-596 B750)
  • Zinc Aluminum ZA-8 (UNS Z35636, Zamak ZA8)
  • Zinc Aluminum ZA-12 (UNS Z35631, Zamak ZA12)
  • Zinc Aluminum ZA-27 (UNS Z35841, Zamak ZA27)

The centrifugal casting process lends itself to near net shape casting of flange, tapered and cylindrical tubular shapes. This spins casting method can:

  • Reduce your total cost up to 40% over sand casting
  • Greatly reduce scrap loss due to porosity by controlling part solidification
  • Improve density and other physical properties of the finished partLet Wheeler’s experienced engineers help you optimize your cast part design to meet your specific performance needs.

Rebabbitting Done Right!

utYou can depend on Wheeler’s long history and proven record as a leading supplier to the motor and power generation industry. Since 1919, Wheeler Industries has provided precision machining to the most exacting OEM specifications, serving customers, such as, General Electric, Westinghouse, Seimens, Allis-Chalmers, Sturtevant, Dodge, Renk, Crocker-Wheeler, Electro Dynamics, U. S. Electric and many others. Our remanufactured components include:

  • Motor bearings
  • Turbine and generator bearings
  • Compound tapered land thrust plates
  • Fan bearings
  • Gearbox bearings
  • Pump bushings

The knowledge to machine these parts to OEM specs assures you that you equipment will be returned to its factory-designed operating conditions. No “Rules of Thumb”. No “Industry Standards”. Wheeler machines these rebabbitted parts to the clearances that the OEM engineers intended.

Call us to get an estimate. We can identify most motor bearings from their OEM part number or dimensions. If you need a new replacement sleeve bearing for your motor, we carry inventory on many popular sizes.

Precision CNC Machining


Multi-axis, One-and-Done Quality and Productivity

Wheeler employs the latest machine tool technology and inspection equipment to hold precision tolerances on the bearings, seals and other components that we produce. Certified to ISO 9001:2008 ensures the highest quality standards are maintained. Routinely working to tight tolerances on components made of Leaded Bronze Alloys, Aluminum Bronzes, Aluminum, Babbitt Carbon and Alloy Steels and Nonmetallics, such as, Teflon (PTFE), Delrin, Nylons and UHMW makes us your One Stop Shop for your contract machining needs. From the smallest part to 36” OD’s we can machine parts for motors, engines, mining and construction equipment, aerospace, oil and gas, power generation, medical and military industries.

Our 5-axis milling machines and multi-axis turning centers feature touch probing, modular fixturing and large format tables and chucks to handle a wide variety of workpieces. Our secondary processing includes:

  • Wire EDM services
  • Heat treating and annealing
  • Assembly
  • Welding

Call us for a quote on your next project.