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Functional Testing for Rotating Equipment

Helping you design and produce the most efficient, robust equipment is the kind of challenge that Wheeler engineers excel at. We have tackled the most complex task, including gas turbine models, jet engine simulations and swash plates that convert rotary to linear motion.

Working with our engineers, you can improve the energy conservation of your existing equipment or ensure the highest efficiency of your new designs.  High speed compressors, turbomachinery, pumps and power generation equipment all benefit from use of the synthetic oils and bearing designs that reduce their energy consumption and improve their reliability. We have demonstrated over 40% reduction in horsepower losses with hybrid bearing designs. These results were predicted on our models and verified on test rigs that we designed and built collaboratively with our customer.

One of our rigs that is used for oil testing and developmental work on hybrid tilting pad journal bearing designs.  When studying turbine bearing performance, we are able to achieve:

  • Operating speeds of over 16,000 surface feet per minute
  • Unit loads of 400 psi at full operating speed
  • Data acquisition of oil temperatures in 14 location
  • Controlled oil flow supply up to 20 gpm
  • Oil cooling and constant oil inlet temperature

Numerous trials have been conducted for the largest power generation equipment companies and the leading oil producers and power utilities.  These tests have led to the development of energy savings solutions worth millions of dollars.

A Team Approach to Problem Solving

Our team approach in working with you provides your engineering department specialists in:

  • Bearing Design
  • Rotor Dynamics
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and lubrication supply
  • CAD modelling (Solidworks, Inventor, Autodesk)

Together we can design, build and test your new project and bring it in on schedule and on budget.

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